Print Is Back: In Orlando, printer lease is the way to go

Now that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is slowly being mitigated, print is back and more alive than ever. For Orlando’s industries, printer lease is the best investment to go. 

Revisiting Orlando’s economy

Orlando, Florida is more than just a tourist town. It’s actually home to a variety of thriving industries that continue to meet its residents’ demands. Its long line of unique sectors includes aviation and aerospace technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, healthcare, digital media, and FinTech. Because of these industries, Orlando has been branded the number one city for job growth in the country in 2018. 

Such a booming economy naturally attracts a population with over 500 people added to the population weekly according to the US Bureau in 2019. With thriving industries and a huge population, Orlando is definitely home to lucrative business and marketing opportunities. Billboards, posters, flyers, and other large-scale print materials were always the go-to marketing platforms for Orlando and the vibrant state of Florida. 

Pandemic’s effect on print 

In 2020, all states in the United States, with the whole world, felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The quarantine protocols and lockdowns forced businesses to limit their operations, with some even closing down or suspending their work. Naturally, the production of print products and marketing materials had to slow down. 

For many businesses, keeping printer and copier equipment have become costly. Having maintenance costs and other related expenses have put such businesses at an expensive disadvantage. Plus, with the lockdowns in place, many businesses have even transitioned solely to digital marketing strategies. For a while, people have thought that print might be a disadvantageous strategy. But after only a few months, recent happenings have proven them wrong. 

Print is back and more alive than ever 

With the availability of vaccines and booster shots, people have begun transitioning back to the norm. People now have more confidence and excitement to go out, explore, and experience the outside than stay at the confines of their homes. Billboards, posters, and other print materials have gone back to life all around the city. Indeed, print is back and more alive than ever. 

In Orlando, with its industries bouncing back and thriving once again, print is another opportunity to grab. The experience of seeing, touching, and feeling products and advertisements in person is much preferred than looking at information on smartphone screens or laptops. Businesses now return to print products and marketing to complement their digital platforms as they reach out to clients and stakeholders, old and new alike. 

Printer lease and sales with Orlando Copier 

There is no better way to supply clients’ demand than businesses having their own printer and copier equipment for their production needs. For this, Orlando Copier is a go-to solution. 

Orlando Copier provides high-quality printer sales and leasing services for businesses right in the heart of Orlando, Florida. It can cater to the various industries that enrich the city and the state of Florida. For businesses with regular and large-scale production needs, purchasing printers and copier equipment are great investments that can minimize costs in the long term. Depending on business needs, Orlando Copier provides services for high production jobs, high-speed copying needs, and multicolor printing services for special events, projects, marketing materials, and other occasions or needs. 

Besides sales, it also offers printer and copier rentals from a variety of trusted brands like Canon, Ricoh, Brother, HP, Lexmark, and Toshiba that clients may choose from. Printer and copier lease are great options for businesses that don’t regularly have large production needs or prefer short-term engagements to minimize costs. 

What sets Orlando Copier apart? 

Orlando Copier is backed by its excellent reputation built from years of experience in the print and copier industry. Its credibility has made it a top service provider in Orlando and the state of Florida. 

Following its mission to provide workspace innovations that minimize costs and improve business efficiency, Orlando Copier flaunts a client-first service brand. It provides free consultations to clients to identify their business needs. Depending on their capacity and needs, customized plans are available and explored to ensure that business needs are met. Its diverse range of products and services also allows clients to choose what’s best for their production needs. 

Orlando Copier is also backed by a competent support staff responsive to the urgent needs of its clients. It provides 24/7 technical support and even remote IT support for clients who are in need of assistance. This covers professional installations and other forms of support so that clients wouldn’t need to go through the trouble of figuring out how to make the equipment work. 


In our transition to the “new normal,” print has once again claimed its huge role in the human experience. In a thriving economy like Orlando, great businesses must once again invest in print services to make a mark on the people. Orlando Copier, a tried and tested printer service provider, remains the go-to solution for any diverse business needs.  

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