Why shift to printer lease? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the dynamics of the workplace and printer lease has become the go-to solution for businesses globally. 

Back then, people would spend much of their time in the office where all work-related equipment would be there right on top of their desks or a few steps away. Managers would invest in maintaining and procuring new equipment to boost their operations. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in quarantine protocols, employees from all industries have transitioned to work-from-home setups. Businesses have shifted from investing in traditional office equipment to investing in home office equipment to boost their employees’ productivity. 

Discovering that such home setups are feasible, many businesses have even considered permanently transitioning to them or at least adopting hybrid setups. Thus, to be more cost-efficient, many businesses have specially chosen to forego office equipment that would not be used as much anymore, such as printers and copiers. 

The printer dilemma: What’s new?

For many people, however, this is a huge relief. After all, even before the pandemic happened, copiers and printers have given a lot of people headaches in the office.

First, it takes away the weight off the shoulders of employees. It is not new that many employees experienced struggling to get their printers to work during the most important times. These instances hamper their productivity and work quality because of all the time spent just trying to get the machine to work. 

For managers, on the other hand, copiers and printers take a huge chunk out of capital and maintenance costs. For small businesses, spending a lot on copiers or printers may not be the best investment, especially for those who seldom need to get large-scale printing jobs done. In the long run, depreciation may not even make this equipment as valuable as they were when originally acquired after a couple of years. 

But these circumstances do not mean that copiers and printers should be completely forgotten. Print is still an important marketing strategy. Printing equipment is still significant in instances like large events, special projects, production of reports, and the like. For businesses that need to balance cost-efficiency with the ability to meet large printing jobs, transitioning to printer lease is the best way to go. 

Why shift to printer lease? 

A printer lease is basically renting printers or copiers for your printing jobs instead of spending huge capital outlays to buy your own. 

RDS Team, an established company that provides workspace innovations that help reduce costs and improve business efficiency, gives you five main reasons to shift to printer lease or rentals. 

  1. Lower your costs

First, it helps you lower your costs. Instead of buying your own printers and copiers, procuring its subordinate logistics (paper, toners, gears, etc.), and hiring staff for maintenance, all these are packaged in printer lease services. There is no need to worry about how you can sustain your equipment in the long-term anymore. 

  1. Ensure quality output 

By leasing printer services, you won’t need to worry about how you can maintain the quality of your printing job. Printer lease services ensure quality outputs by having a dedicated staff that will work on your needs exactly as you want them to be done. This will give managers and employees more time to focus on their work instead of worrying about how to fix printing problems or toner issues. 

  1. Meet your immediate, short-term needs 

Not all businesses have regular large-scale printing or copying jobs, but some businesses would still need to get these kinds of jobs from time to time. Printer lease services allow you to meet your immediate needs without the need to procure everything. You may rent printers or copiers for short periods of time when you need them to meet immediate needs.

  1. Get the job done faster

By renting out printer or copier services, you don’t need to go through the whole business of setting them up and trying to get them to work. Printers and copiers are well-tested before they even get delivered to your office so setting up would not be a problem. All that’s left is to go ahead and get the printing job started. 

Printer lease in Orlando 

Orlando, Florida is a thriving state home to many industries, job growth, and a booming economy. With the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting to more cost-efficient and sustainable strategies like opting for printer and copier lease is definitely a must for these industries. Fortunately, Orlando Copier completely responds to these needs. 

Orlando Copier, under RDS Team, provides high-quality printer lease services for businesses right in the heart of Orlando. It offers printer and copier rentals from a variety of trusted brands like Canon, Ricoh, Brother, HP, Lexmark, and Toshiba that clients may choose from. Depending on the need, it can cater to high production jobs, high-speed copying needs, and multicolor printing services just in time for special events and projects. 

With years of experience, Orlando Copier extends these services to big and small businesses alike. With clients’ needs in mind, Orlando Copier provides flexible short-term and long-term arrangements that maximize efficiency and respond to their goals. 

Further easing out the process, Orlando Copier delivers directly to its clients in the state. With a competent and responsive support staff, businesses need not worry about setting up and troubleshooting their printer or copier rentals whenever they need it. 

With these services, Orlando Copier contributes to rebuilding the Orlando community and its economy despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides both employees and managers with smart solutions in order to create a more productive and efficient workplace. It empowers small businesses to grow without worrying about high-capital demands. 

About RDS Team 

RDS Team provides workspace innovations that help reduce costs and improve business efficiency. We offer printer and copier lease, printing services, products, plans, and other support services for an affordable price at flexible payment options.

With its rich experience and service quality, RDS Team is renowned as Florida’s leading provider of copiers, printers, and business solutions. 

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