6 Ways to Secure Office Copy Machines

As technology continues to evolve and cybercriminals become increasingly sophisticated, it’s essential to ensure that office copy machines used in the workplace remain secure. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this easily and efficiently. In this blog post, we’ll explore 6 simple but effective strategies to help you safeguard your copying equipment from potential threats while keeping confidential information safe. Read on for tips and advice on ensuring your copy machine is as secure as possible!

  1. Use a Secure Socket Level (SSL) certificate

The data is encrypted safely while it is being sent between computers but not when it is sent to the copy machine. There is a significant potential breach of security if it is just transmitted in plain text. Utilizing a secure socket level (SSL) certificate is an excellent way to enhance the protection of your copy machine. These features are available on many modern photocopiers and printers; therefore, if you still have any older models, it is time to replace them with more recent ones.

  1. Remove Confidential Documents from the Copy Machine

Many people put their private documents in the copy tray and then forget to retrieve them for a significant amount of time. Because of this, there is a potential breach of security within your print environment because such documents are very easy to access. To retrieve their printed documents from the photocopier, a person should be required to swipe their identification card or enter a password after assigning a task to the office copy machines.

  1. Monitor the Use of the Copy Machine

Monitoring how your employees use office equipment serves as a deterrent against its inappropriate use as well as against unauthorized access to confidential information. In addition, you can perform regular audits to investigate and validate the activities and transactions of users.

  1. Use Wireless with Caution

For wireless users in your office, any and all forms of wireless printing are wonderful benefits. They have the potential to reduce wait times and hasten to manufacture. Having said that, you are responsible for ensuring that kids are safe. A mobile device that is infected with malware has the potential to infect your brother copy machine, and if your wireless printers are not secure, then unauthorized users could gain access to your network.

  1. Authenticate Users

The authentication of users is a doorway into the technological access control system. It may only require a username, password, or personal identification number (PIN). You must impress upon your workforce the significance of not divulging their login credentials to anyone, including other staff members. You should also ensure that the auto logoff feature is activated so that users do not accidentally grant access to unauthorized users by remaining logged in after they have finished using the system.

  1. Secure Data in Transit

You need end-to-end encryption for the data that travels through your printers and copiers, just like you do for the data carried over your network. This will prevent the data from being accessed either while they are being transferred between machines or while they are being stored on each one.

Print Safely with RDS Team’s Printer Security Software

Here at Orlando Copier, security is always our number one priority. That’s why we’ve put together this list of six ways to secure your office copy machines. By following these tips, you can rest assured that your documents are safe from prying eyes. And if you want even more protection for your print jobs, be sure to check out our printer security software. With Orlando Copier’s Software installed on your office printers, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your documents are safe and secure.